3 February 2016 author:


Kazimierz Łyszczynski Foudation is dedicated to promoting worldviews based on scientific evidence, rational reason and secular ethics such as atheist humanism, free thought, rationalism, skepticism and similar views on national and international scale. We fight for separation of state and church and reserve our right to criticize religions and superstitions in media, including social media, on our website and our gatherings. We act actively against the blasphemy low (which has been back to the Polish Criminal Code since 1997 as offense of religious feelings) and against discrimination of atheists, agnostics, non-believers and other groups discriminated for religious motifs, like women and LGBT.
Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation organize and support many forms of activity:

  1. Organize and co-organize events and gatherings, including “Atheist Days” in Warsaw, Summer Atheist Meeting, atheist picnics etc.;
    2.Demonstrate throughout the country on behalf of atheist rights, for secular state, and especially, secular school;
    3. Join and support demonstrations and piquets for women and LGBT rights;
    4. Publish articles about freedom from religion, atheism, criticism of religion, and for separation of state and church;
    5. Build a community of affiliates, partners, and activists;
    6. Monitor Polish low in the field of freedom of conscience;
    7. Build a network of volunteers who help to promote the atheist perspective;
    8. Organize international conferences on freedom of conscience and freedom from religion aiming at       exchanging experiences of organizations from different countries.